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Does your other room feel warmer than the others? Uneven heating is one of the most common problems during the cold months. A home with a balanced temperature will not only feel comfortable but will also help you reduce your energy costs.

Here are a few common causes of uneven heating in your home:

Ductwork Leaks

When your ductwork has leaks, air can escape, resulting in uneven air distribution across the house. If you leave it unchecked, it will lead to varying temperatures and cause your comfort system to cycle more frequently than usual. What’s worse is that it will cost you more money in the long run.

Improper Insulation

Is your ductwork correctly insulated? If it isn’t, it can allow the heated air to escape through cracks or holes. Ductwork must always be adequately protected to minimize temperature changes and lower your heating costs as the air goes through the ducts and out of the vents.

HVAC Losing Power

When an HVAC system is nearing its lifespan’s end, it starts to get less capable of adequately pushing air through the ductwork. It means that while a more powerful stream is blowing into one room, the air volume will be much weaker when it reaches the furthest rooms.

Needs Service/Repair

Maybe your HVAC system needs to get serviced or repaired. If there’s an issue with your heating system, you’ll likely have cold rooms during the winter. You can ask for expert help to know if your system needs a routine tune-up or a replacement.

At Gober Heating & Air Conditioning, we will provide everything from HVAC service to repairs and installations. Our professional techs can also repair and install ductwork while making sure that it’s adequately insulated throughout your home

Doors and Windows

Your air might be escaping through your doors and windows, contributing to uneven heat in your home. You can combat this by installing efficient windows with the Energy Star rating and re-sealing all your doors to ensure that no air is escaping.

Are you looking for professional help for your HVAC system in your Oklahoma home? Gober Heating & Air Conditioning is here to take all your worries away. Talk to one of our experts today to get started!