Causes of Frozen Evaporator Coils

Nothing’s better than the air conditioning that keeps you comfortable throughout the summer months. However, your air conditioning system can become overly cold at times, causing the machine to malfunction. It is the evaporator coil that freezes often. But what exactly is the reason why an evaporator coil freeze?

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Inadequate Airflow

Your A/C’s evaporator coils get the heat from the air. They may freeze if they don’t absorb enough heat, which results in poor airflow. Poor airflow can also be caused by a broken blower fan, filthy air filters, and even faulty ductwork. Contact a local HVAC service technician for A/C repair in Edmond, OK.

Dirty Filters

A dirty air filter causes the same airflow issue, stopping your system’s evaporator coils from absorbing the required amount of heat from the air to operate correctly. Dirty air filters can also spread debris and clog other components of your HVAC in Edmond, OK, including the coils.

Filthy Evaporator Coils

The heat exchange mechanism will become obstructed if your evaporator coils accumulate too much dirt or debris. Since dirty coils cannot retain enough heat from the air, condensation can become too cold and freeze.

Low Refrigerant Levels

As ironic as it might sound, it will cause frozen evaporator coils in your system. Low refrigerant makes the machine work too hard, causing the condensation on the coils to freeze. A/C units have a closed loop, which means that the refrigerant doesn’t just run dry. As a result, if your system has low refrigerant, the issue is either a refrigerant leak or an insufficient charge.

Temperature Outside is Too Low

Coils will freeze if the air temperature the system is attempting to cool is too big. Since the coils absorb heat from the air, a lack of it will cause the condensation on the coils to freeze over.

Blocked Drainage

The formation of condensation on the evaporator coils is an unavoidable part of their operation. If the drainpipe becomes clogged or otherwise obstructed, too much condensation can form on the coils, causing them to freeze.

Contact the Experts from Gober Heating & Air Conditioning

Although there are some home fixes for frozen evaporator coils, you might not be aware of other problems with your air conditioning system. Trusting the job to a certified professional not only gives you peace of mind that the task will be completed correctly, but it also ensures that any surrounding problems will be caught. Call us at Gober Heating & Air Conditioning, and we’ll deploy our finest technicians to your home. We also offer duct cleaning services in Edmond, OK.

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