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Many homeowners find it hard to know if their heating system needs repair or a replacement. If you are in the same situation, perhaps you are stuck between finding which heating problems can be fixed and which need a full replacement.

But don’t worry. We have you covered with these most common five (5) signs you need to replace your heating equipment before the cold wind blows.

Older Heating Systems

The older the system is, the more likely it will break down. Your best option is to upgrade your old heating equipment before it becomes necessary. You wouldn’t want to go without heat for an extended period because the winter months are a busy time for heating installations and repair companies.

Increased Utility Costs

Did your energy bill suddenly increase? That may be due to an inefficient heating system. As your furnace ages, its efficiency will decline. It will run longer than usual to heat your indoor space, resulting in higher energy costs. If your furnace is old, it will have low annual fuel utilization efficiency. Please upgrade it to a high-efficient system to keep your home warm and reduce your utility costs.

Weird Noises

A well-maintained heating system will run quietly. But as the equipment ages, it will begin making squealing, banging, or rattling noises. If you hear these noises, it can be indicating problems with the motor bearings or other major issues with its parts. Any unusual noises can be a sign that you need to replace your system.

Yellow Burner Flame

If your gas furnace shows a yellow flame rather than blue, it can be a sign of carbon monoxide. This gas is colorless and odorless but can be fatal. Other indications are the flu-like symptoms. You’ll also notice excess moisture on the walls, windows, or some surfaces are cold. If you suspect the presence of this gas, leave your home immediately and call the authorities. It is also wise to check with an expert heating specialist if your heating system needs an upgrade.

Do you still find it hard to decide if you need to replace your system? Or you simply looking for a quality heating installation service? Wherever you are in the process, Gober Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with your heating needs. Call us today to set up a schedule!