The temperature will start to drop as soon as the summer season ends. Have you found your sweater yet? Before you raid your closet, why not prepare your heater first? You’re going to need it more than your sweater to keep yourself comfortably warm as the cold season sets in.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a checklist of how you can prepare your heater for the freezing season.

Change Your HVAC Filter.

During the fall season, dust, allergens, and dirt will accumulate on your filter. And by the end of the season, it won’t efficiently filter the air as it gets congested. That’s why you should replace your filter quarterly to breathe the cleanest air. You can call in a professional to help you check what kind of filter your system needs.  

Remove Nearby Objects.

Before turning on your heater, remove objects that are near your unit. These objects are usually furniture, boxes, and storage containers. Doing this task will help prevent the risk of a fire, keeping your family and home safe from harm.

Clean Your Vents or Registers.

We highly recommend brushing the register or vents throughout your home before using your heater. Doing so will clear away any dirt buildup that may pollute your indoor air. Also, you should check to ensure that there’s no obstruction on your vents. If you need help with cleaning your vents or registers, then you can contact your trust HVAC technician.

Test Your Thermostat.

You’ll probably use your heater on a regular basis. That’s why it’s necessary to turn it on and test it to make sure it properly works. Turn your thermostat to “heat” and wait for a minute. You should hear a click sound as it turns on and the circulated air should become warm. Afterward, let it run for a few minutes to know if your system will be up to the task. If you can’t feel the heat after a while, then call in an expert to check it.

Schedule a Heating Maintenance Service.

We recommend that you sign up for a heating maintenance service every fall with a professional HVAC contractor. An expert technician will inspect your heater to ensure your system is ready to keep the cold at bay. They’ll clean your heat exchanger, check your exhaust, and lubricate your blower motor and check for cracks or damage.

Are you still not sure about how to prepare your heater in your OKC home? With our experts at Gober Heating & Air Conditioning, you can leave your worries behind as we handle the job for you. We’ll gladly serve your heating needs as the fall begins. Talk to us today for more details!