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The easiest way to determine whether or not your HVAC system needs to be replaced would be by comparing the age of your current unit with the manufacturer’s recommended replacement guidelines.


If your existing equipment is aging, then the chances are that you may consider a replacement option sooner rather than later, if for nothing else but safety reasons.

If your furnace uses a permanent filter, check it once per month during cold months. Remove the filter to examine it, but remember that contracting dust mites is part of everyday life, so don’t stress about them unless they appear in large numbers.


Meanwhile, standard pleated filters need to be replaced every one or two months during warmer weather. If you have an electronic air cleaner, consult its manufacturer’s instructions for proper filter changes.

It’s essential to select a system that matches the square footage of your house, but it also needs to be matched with other factors such as aesthetics. When replacing an old system, you should choose a product that is ENERGY STAR® certified because it uses less energy while providing the same capabilities as other systems.


Your best bet is to consult with an HVAC contractor. They will advise you on all available options, including different unit types and their costs.