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When was the last time you upgraded your heating system?

If you’ve been shivering in winter, then it’s likely been a long time. If that’s the case, now is the best time to upgrade your system and be able to relish all of the advantages that come with a new heating system.

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5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Furnace


Staying comfortable during the harsh winter months isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. If you are satisfied with your current heating system but are thinking about upgrading, or replacing it altogether, consider these five benefits:

You will save money in the long run.

A new heating system with an up-to-date efficiency rating, combined with a programmable thermostat and more insulation on your attic and walls, can reduce your energy costs by around 40% of what you would normally spend with an old furnace.

Your home will be cleaner and healthier to live in.

Even older furnaces that have been maintained properly produce harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide. Upgrading your furnace means installing a newer unit free of these pollutants so your home will be healthier to live in for years to come.

Having an environmentally friendly home is also better for the environment since it creates less pollution.

You will enjoy improved features.

Having your furnace upgraded also means having enhanced features. This includes built-in air filters to reduce allergens, humidity controls that make the living space healthier and more comfortable, and variable-speed fan motors that circulate warm air more efficiently.

All of the mentioned advanced features will significantly help provide a constant balance between efficiency and comfort.

You will enjoy a long-lasting unit.

An upgraded furnace can last longer as it is equipped with better materials like higher-grade steel tubing for the circulating fan motor or a better insulation grade in the heat exchanger.

You can also expect more from your new system with longer warranties for parts and labor, enabling you to enjoy the best advantages of an upgraded furnace for even longer.

You can lessen your carbon footprint.

Old furnaces are energy hogs that use about 12% of all household electricity in the United States. Upgrading to a more efficient furnace means you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money at the same time.

By upgrading today, you’ll reap these benefits year after year, saving energy, enjoying superior comfort, and keeping harmful pollutants out of your home and environment.

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