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Over time, your air ducts can be caked with dust, mold, and other debris within a few weeks, be it residential or commercial property. Since you cannot see the condition of your ductwork, you tend to forget to clean them up. And this causes a lot of potential problems that can significantly affect your comfort and budget.

Let Gober Heating and Air Conditioning help you and your family breathe easier and comfortably. Below are the top benefits of professional duct cleaning in Norman, OK.


5 Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning Service

As we spend most of our time indoors, it’s important to ensure that you’re breathing in clean and pollutant-free indoor air through regular duct cleaning service in Norman, OK.

Discover the advantages of duct cleaning in this post.

Reduces Airborne Pollutants


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the typical outdoor environment. This means that occupants in your home or office can inhale more dust, dander, pollen, and other airborne pollutants on a day-to-day basis than outside.

However, with the help of duct cleaning, you can reduce the amount of these particles, giving you cleaner air.

Improves Productivity


Poor indoor air quality in commercial properties has been shown to adversely affect health and productivity.  Commercial owners need to understand the relationship between poor IAQ and productivity. With quality indoor air, you can expect your workers to perform better.

Protection of Occupants


If you fail to maintain your air ducts, it can circulate harmful airborne contaminants that can cause asthma or allergy attacks. Be it a commercial or residential property, you don’t want this happening to your employees or love ones. So, be sure to regularly schedule professional duct cleaning in Norman, OK to combat allergy, asthma, or any other cardiovascular or respiratory disease.


Prevents Your Energy Bills From Snowballing


The EPA states that one millimeter of dust and dirt formation can significantly decrease the efficiency of your comfort system by 21%. If you neglect proper and prompt duct cleaning services, not only will you have poor indoor air quality, but you will also be faced with skyrocketing energy bills. That’s why it is vital to keep your ducts clean at all times if you want to have an efficient HVAC operation.

Increases Your Unit’s Life Expectancy


If you fail to take good care of your ducts, this will resonate with your HVAC unit’s performance. When dirt, dust, debris, and other air particles accumulate, they can clog your comfort system, making it harder for your system to cool or heat your space properly.

With the added stress on your HVAC system, it may need repairs in no time. And in worst-case scenarios, it may break down altogether.

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