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While dust and other particles can accumulate over time, duct cleaning can go beyond simple maintenance—improper installation and operation of any forced air systems warrant duct cleaning, lest you and your family be exposed to allergens and contaminants, such as mold and spores. 

Cleaning the air ducts of your heating or cooling system is best left to skilled service providers, as it requires special tools to remove the dirt and debris, as well as chemical biocides and treatments to completely get rid of microbiological contaminants and control further growth. There are, however, claims that duct cleaning can have potential dangers from these chemical solutions, such as triggering or aggravating health problems.

Just as there are no conclusive studies that air ducts are singularly to blame for poor indoor air quality (there are several pollutants that can enter the home, some of which can cause more exposure to contaminants), duct cleaning has never been proven to cause specific health problems.

Here are a few pointers on why you should think about duct cleaning in Edmond, OK:

Three Benefits of Duct Cleaning In Edmond, OK

Expels Odors

What does home smell like to you? If it’s pet litter, mildew from the damp bathroom walls, and possibly tobacco use down the hall, then it’s either you don’t have a forced-air system, or your existing one has its ducts clogged and is not working properly. Thoroughly cleaning the air ducts can help expel stale odors to make your home smell fresher.

Improves Air Quality

If you find yourself constantly sneezing or coughing at home despite not having a cold, then it might be the poor air quality. Clogged air ducts can either not help increase the airflow to get rid of irritants in the air or aggravate them by distributing into the air the mold or dust that it has accumulated. Clean air ducts contribute greatly to a clean environment, free of microscopic contaminants.

Improves Forced Air Efficiency

Air ducts often pair with air conditioning systems to help disperse the generated cool air throughout the home. A build-up of dust can prevent the AC from effectively cooling the temperature, meaning it will have to work harder and thus consume more electricity. This means spiking up the monthly power bill, with poor air quality to show for it. Clean ducts will help forced air systems operate easily and efficiently, while not being a burden on your energy expenses.

Book a Specialist For Duct Cleaning in Edmond, OK with Gober Heating & Conditioning

One thing you must keep in mind: despite these benefits, it’s less likely that air ducts can quickly accumulate that much dust to cause that much trouble. Ducts don’t really need routine maintenance, and any warranted cleaning should be at the advice of a skilled technician. In the event that it does need cleaning, it should be done with extreme care, and caution by someone trained and certified by trusted trade associations. 

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