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Air Filter Subscription


Here’s a snippet of what actually happens when you don’t change the filter regularly: Harmful particles such as dirt, mold, allergens, and debris accumulate in your air filter over time. These airborne pollutants restrict the airflow and circulate in your home, which you and your family are breathing in.

Changing your air filters regularly provides you:

Cleaner and safer home environment

Lower energy costs

Longer lifespan of HVAC system

Better indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality diagram showing how Gober Heating and Air Conditioning can help keep your air clean

Get Your Air Filters Right On Time

At Gober Heating & Air Conditioning, we want you to breathe comfortably with no hassles. We provide the best quality of air filters to help you achieve your saving goals. Simply, order the size and quantity you need, select how often you would like to receive your air filters, and you’re all set! Have peace of mind in just one click, and we’ll take care of your home’s air quality and comfort needs for you.


Don’t take our word for it!

Find out what your neighbors have to say about us!​

Gober Heat and Air did an amazing thing today. We are 9 women in a sober living house we are trying to put our lives back together. With people like Charles in the world who are willing to help us, put our faith back in humanity. Thank you so much!!!
Sissy West
Excellent service and affordable pricing. Gober also offers maintenance after installation.
Mary Thomas
Hands down! The best service ever with Gober Heat and Air! Thank you Charles and Chris!
Julie Smith
We will only use Gober. The best heating and air company!!! Great prices great staff. We are a customer for life!!!
Kevin Renee Laughlin
Great people. They do good work known them for some years. Great people. Check them out!
Tommy Scull
Knows the business, you two work together, hard and smart worker, gets the job done right every time.
Thomas Copeland
I had an issue with my heat not working. I was freezing! These guys got to me real quick and fixed the problem and I am loving my heat once again!!! Thank you!!!
Jennifer Wilcox