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A do-it-yourself (DIY) repair has a lot of risks. Not only do you expose yourself to unnecessary harm, but there’s also a chance you’ll make your system’s condition worse.

But with a pro’s expertise and skills, you won’t have to worry about anything, and it’s also free from any hassle. After all, they had the training they need to handle any A/C problem.

Don’t go through all the trouble with your broken A/C. At Gober Heat and Air, we have the best solutions for your A/C repair needs. We also take pride in our experts and our satisfactory services, ensuring that your system will be back up and running again.

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Are you getting frustrated because your A/C won’t cool your home? Please keep reading to know its causes.

Why Your A/C is Not Blowing Cold Air

Did you know? Identifying the possible source of the problem, and communicating any findings to your contractor can help a lot in the repair process. This information enables more accurate preparation for quickly repairing your unit. Additionally, it addresses any issues as quickly as possible.


Thermostat Malfunctions

Suppose everything appears to be working properly on the power side, but your air conditioner is still not blowing cold air. In that case, it may be that the thermostat on your unit is not set to an appropriate temperature. Turn the key down or push the buttons down to the lowest setting and see if that triggers your unit to run. If possible, check if all wiring into the thermostat unit (and any batteries, if applicable) is properly connected.


Clogged Filter

Specific air conditioning units include a built-in mechanism that automatically shuts down the unit if the filter becomes clogged. This is to avoid motor damage and overheating. Additionally, the filter may be too clogged that it is preventing adequate airflow. You should check your unit’s filter and clean or replace it as necessary.


Drain Clogs

Air conditioners remove humidity from your indoor air, with the water typically draining out a hose or drain pipe that can become clogged with algae, eventually shutting down the unit. This critical safety feature keeps water from backing up into your home or unit and causing damage. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the piping, but it can also be cleaned with a mild bleach solution.


Switch for Condensate Airflow

Some air handlers incorporate a safety float switch that trips and shuts down the unit if the drain pipe becomes clogged with water. If you check and discover that the switch has been tripped, it must be reset after cleaning the condenser drainpipe.

Trust Us to Fix Your Broken Air Conditioning System

When it’s about fixing an air conditioner, you can only rely on professionals. At Gober Heat and Air, we will determine and offer you the most accurate and cost-effective solution to get your system in Edmond, OK, working again.

Our experts are well-trained to handle any air conditioning system, ensuring that the issue won’t persist again in the future. With our services, you’ll enjoy the comfort in your home again sooner than expected.

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