It’s getting colder as Christmas slowly approaches. You started running your furnace, and some parts of your home are somehow more frigid than the others. Over time, your HVAC system is affected by age and dirty air filters and ducts.

Here are a few things you can do to get better heating throughout your home:

Adjust Your Air Vents

Take some time to have a look at the air vents around your house. Most of the time, we place our furniture in areas where it’s blocking the vent. If objects are obstructing the vents, your HVAC can’t deliver the right amount of air indoors. So, move your furniture around a bit and vacuum any debris on the register.

You also have an option to redirect the air to other areas by partially closing some of your vents. With partially closed vents, less air can escape, and the air will go through its path with the least resistance to the areas that you left the vents fully open.

Keep the Fan On at All Times

We know that most homeowners leave the furnace fan setting on auto. We recommend you to change it to the “on” setting. It will allow your furnace to continue to circulate air even after the heating cycle is completed. Here’s what will happen if your fan is set to auto:

  • It will only move air if the furnace requires it to send heat throughout your house.
  • The air will become stagnant as soon as the heating cycle is done.
  • It might increase your monthly expenses by five dollars, but it’s money well spent.

Get Your Ducts Inspected and Cleaned

Did you know that leaks force your furnace to work even harder than it should? Even when damaged, it will still do its job to deliver warm air to the furthest parts of your house. However, it causes unnecessary wear on your furnace and results in more expensive emergency repairs than a furnace should need. If you’re keeping up with the maintenance, then there’s nothing to worry about. Call an expert to get your ducts cleaned and go for a quality air filter to keep the dust and other debris out for good.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Scheduling programmed temperature in your home doesn’t only allow you to control your furnace from anywhere. It also aids you to adapt to the way your home absorbs and releases heat over the day. At some point, you might need to deliver heat more aggressively to keep a comfortable temperature at different times in the day.

A smart thermostat is an impressive tool that many homeowners have upgraded to this year. We believe it will continue to grow in popularity.

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